Welcome to Challenger Junior College

The erstwhile city of Nawabs is already a hub of academic excellence backed by a host of educational institutions. But what makes the city poorer is the absence of world class academic institutions offering quality education . Sahayata Trust aim to bridge this gap by shaping a top notch academic hub that offers a combination of education and techniques to beat competition

Reasons to join Challenger Junior College

A. Good Infrastructure with Digital classes
B. Spacious classrooms with limited strength
C. Separate classrooms for boys & girls
D. 100% Academic Results
E. Efficient Lecturers
F. Well- equipped labs
G. Extra-curricular activities, Sports & Games
H. IPE with NEET & JEE
I. Safe College Transportation
J. State scholarships

Why Choose Us

We aim to bridge this gap by shaping a top notch academic hub that offers a combination of education, religious knowledge and techniques to beat competition.

Best Lab

Fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs act as grooming grounds for future Einsteins and Newtons.All the labs are stacked with the most modern apparatus and equipment.


Best Digital Class Room

Smart Classes powered by futuristic technology – A digital initiative devised to improve teacher effectiveness and create a conducive learning environment via knowledge demystification


Best Library

It’s a literal treasure trove replete with a mind boggling range of books and educational aids catering to all age groups. Tranquil setting and a vibrant ambience make it a seat of silent learning


Sahayata Trust

Challenger Junior College is a state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities of Sahayata Trust is to give edge to excel in competitive examinations.