CJC Events

Event 1

Spacious, roomy, airy and resplendent with a bright ambience. This describes the classrooms at Challenger Junior College; no wonder learning becomes a true joy. Comfortable seating and digital boards add further value.

Event 2

It’s a literal treasure trove replete with a mind boggling range of books and educational aids catering to all age groups. Tranquil setting and a vibrant ambience make it a seat of silent learning.

Event 3

Fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs act as grooming grounds for future Einsteins and Newtons. All the labs are stacked with the most modern apparatus and equipment meeting global standards.

Event 4

A huge fleet of modern buses and vans ferries students in comfort. The robust network makes the school accessible from the farthest points in and around Moinabad. Experienced drivers guarantee full safety.

Event 5

Event 6