Academic Partners

  • A. MTG for NEET and JEE
  • MTG focuses on what is all-important at a crucial stage in a student’s life. Competitive exams like JEE &NEET; Results of which enable a student to make a career choice and transit smoothly into the next phase. The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is well known. MTG takes it to the next level. Practice what has been perfected. Practice with MTG’s course-guides and workbooks , written by experienced and result-oriented teachers and educationists, they guide students through the curriculum effortlessly. Virtually handholding them through a step-by-step curriculum progression. So, stress is minimized while learning is maximized. Workbooks reinforce that understanding and learning with the practice of pertinent test paper like questions and problems.

  • B. Google Gsuite and Zoom Digital classroom:

  • C. SIA Publication for Academics: